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Customer Service

Customer Service is of paramount importance to Gilmour & Dean for it is through Customer Service that Gilmour & Dean has created an unrivaled and enviable reputation in providing a "Competitive Edge" of Quality, Service, Customer Focus and Technical Development.

Each Customer is important and unique and will have differing requirements. Consequently at Gilmour & Dean we tailor our Service Package to the Customer to ensure all requirements are met.

Through a combination of dedicated and committed Sales, Technical and Account Executive personnel, Gilmour & Dean aims not to be "just a Printer", for printing is what we do, not what we are! Gilmour & Dean is a component "Service Provider"!

Fundamentally Gilmour & Dean will manage the supply of Labels from Concept, through to Production, into Stock Management and direct to the Customers Bottling Line as and if so required!

In support of its Customer Service, Gilmour & Dean has a comprehensively researched, documented and practiced "Contingency Plan" from partial to complete "wipe-out" recovery.

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